April 10, 2012


A young girl approached her social studies teacher after class .

"I am very upset," she said
"But why ?" her techer asked
"Because there's so much danger and suffering in the world."
"That is in the world, but it is not what is really inside of you."

"What do you mean ?" she asked with obvious interest

He looked her in the eyes and asked,
"Think for a moment ... Can you feel peace deep within yourself ? "

The girl reflected on this odd question for some time,
watching her thoughts and feeling rather than being them,
while she searched for any feeling of peace ..

"You don't look upset now... what happened?" her teacher asked

This broke girl's concentration and she looked at him in surprise,
"I don't know. As I tried to feel peace, I guess I stopped worrying and I forgot I was upset.. And the only left thing was ..."
she paused, looking a little confused .

"Peace.." Her teacher said for her ..

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